On this Island

On This Island FlyerOn this Island is an intricate weaving together of Ursula’s favourite Celtic folk tales, songs, clog and Cotswold morris dances and her own contemporary stories. The set further features some of Ursula’s own ‘Songs from the Stories’ which she recorded with musicians Keith Donnelly, Martyn Oram, Anna Ryder and Bill Bates on Homespun Records in 2013. The Handless Maiden’s Daughter is currently available on CD. On this Island was first toured by Dream On Productions to Columbian Secondary Schools in 2014 & has since proved extremely popular with young /adult audiences throughout Europe.

  • Age Range: Adults and Young People 11 +
  • Audience Capacity: Small Groups to 100 +
  • Duration: A Moveable Feast
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating, a sound proof room and a PA system for audiences of over 60


Ursula at the beech tree 2014

Ursula is a dynamic and engaging storyteller. She brilliantly uses the skills of the fireside teller and the urban myth maker to address much bigger issues. Nonetheless her high energy performances are always hugely entertaining. Ursula is a warm hearted tornado blowing fresh themes and new insights through the always exciting world of storytelling. (Storyteller & Composer Mike O’Connor)