Romance and Ragamuffins

Romance & Ragamuffins FlyerRomance and Ragamuffins is a life affirming set of beautifully observed characterisations & stories. Ursula has been touring the show to sell out festival audiences & national folk and story clubs since April 2016. Celebrating the bizarre, the off-centre and the wallflower alike, this show features a bit of trade mark  clogging, some music hall style choruses and Ursula’s latest controversial comedy Ladies Who Live Together. Love against all odds (where the odds are truly bonkers)!

Visit the events page for more info. or watch some highlights on YouTube.

  • Age Range: Adults and Children 10+
  • Audience Capacity: Small Groups to 100+
  • Duration: A Moveable Feast
  • Venue Requirements: Audience seating, a sound proof room & a PA for audiences of over 60
These are tales of light and shade, provoking us all to question ourselves on our personal attitudes, honesty and acceUrsula wavingptance. Encouraging us to welcome diversity and consider our responsibilities to ourselves and to others, the stories skilfully communicate the importance of living an open life free from fear and hostility, within a framework of laughter and entertainment. They are excellent.
(Local Authority Adult Safeguarding Management Team for North Yorkshire, August 2015)